Mar 20

Default password for EpsonNet Config

You’ve just set up a kitchen printer or receipt printer from Epson, have to access the admin panel to adjust some settings? The EpsonNet Config utility sometimes requires a password.  Continue reading →

Feb 17

Run Speedtests from a PfSense router

If you need to check quickly how well the Internet connection of one of your pfSense routers is doing , why not use Speedtest ? And this just requires installing a small package on the machine.

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Mar 16

List of IPs and networks for Youtube

Logo Youtube

If you need to apply QoS rules to trafic coming or going to Youtube, the best thing to do is to have the list of IPs of their network. Continue reading →

Mar 16

PfSense and Intel fiber card


If you use or plan to use a fiber network card such as the Intel E10G42BTDA – Intel X520-DA2 with a PfSense firewall (such as our SolidRouters), you need to adjust the /boot/loader.conf.local file with informations such as :


Values are to be adjusted according to your setup. The last line is relate to quad ethernet network cards from Intel.

Mar 16

Download Crestron Toolbox

Crestron Toolbox

Crestron Toolbox is a software you can use to manage Crestron equipments over USB, IP, COM. It might be a bit difficult to find as a download since it is usually restricted to partners.Luckily it can be found on the Inernet Continue reading →

Mar 16

Parrot Bebop Charger blinking red

Drone Parrot Bebop

If the charger of your Parrot Bebop drone keeps blinking red after you plugged your battery in, it is because it’s refusing to charge it due to a low voltage. Sort of a safety feature but it is pretty annoying. Continue reading →

Sep 15

Mac OS CLI : making your Mac speak via command line


With the so convenient command “Say” on Mac OS, you can easily get your computer to read any text to you. Or for that matter, make another computer read text by sending a simple command line via Apple Remote Desktop. Continue reading →

Sep 15

Mac OS CLI : change system volume by command line

Mac OS X Mavericks

Since I have to do remote desktop control over a lot of computers using Mac OS or warn of an upcoming update, I began using Mac’s speakers to address the users. Obviously it is useless to speak to a user whose speakers are muted.. so I decided to change the system volume via CLI. Continue reading →

Aug 15

How to format a Blackberry

Blackberry Bold

You’re about to sell your Blackberry but you dont know how to format and erase its memory? Its easy! Continue reading →

Aug 15

How to Flush Mac OS DNS Cache

Mac OS Logo

If you ever need to flush the DNS cache of Mac OS X there are several command lines to do so or a little utility Continue reading →