Update script for PCEngines APU2 from PFSense

You want to update the BIOS of a PCEngines APU2 box from Pfsense? It is rather easy.

PC Engines maintains up to date  BIOS of these machines at disposal here : https://pcengines.github.io

Here is for my part a very basic script that updates the apu2_v4.10.0.0.rom of the BIOS. You can easily adapt it to your needs:


# Update APU2 Bios 
# by Gonzague Dambricourt
# Simple script without any checks, use at your own risk

echo "Flash time for APU"
pkg install -y flashrom
rm apu2*
fetch https://3mdeb.com/open-source-firmware/pcengines/apu2/apu2_v4.10.0.0.rom
flashrom -w apu2_v4.10.0.0.rom -p internal:boardmismatch=force
echo "Finished"

A better version can be found here: https://github.com/bouchecousue/PCEngines-APU2-Update-BIOS-from-PfSense

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