How to format a Blackberry

Blackberry Bold

You’re about to sell your Blackberry but you dont know how to format and erase its memory? Its easy!

Format a Blackberry?

The use of this procedure is to completely erase the memory of your phone so you can – for example – sell it without the fear of someone finding your personal data inside.

How to format my mobile phone ?

Its rather easy and the following method was tried on a Blackberry Bold 9700 and a Bold 9000 (OS V5) :
– Access the phone’s menu with the Blackberry key and find the Configuration icon. It can be located in a folder holding the same name. The icon is sometimes subtitled “Options”.
– Open the app
– Go to “Security” and find “Security Wipe”
– Select what you want to erase (all to erase everything)
– type the word “blackberry” and click “Wipe Data”

Erase or format a Blackberry

Once you’re done just wait for a few minutes. Your phone will be reset and erased.

Notes :
– This method also works with the Javelin 8900 et le Curve 8520

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