UniFi Controller showing “Server Reject” error

Your UniFi Controller is being stubborn and refuses to adopt an access point from Ubiquiti or a switch ? Or doesnt even display it?

You have of course checked the logs and ran the “info” command on the end device and you’re getting either Server Reject or Pending Adoption?

Well I ran in this problem too 🙂 First off, make sure once more that your AP/Switch/whatever really can communicate with your controller including port 8080, that you’ve also tried resetting the equipment.. (you never know)

Now, connect (by SSH for example) to your controller and enter the Mongo database with the following command :

mongo --port 27117
use ace

Run the following command:


by replacing the MAC b4:fb:e4:ab:ad:ac by the one of your missing device

If you’re on your way to solving your problem, the prompt should return that 1 record has been deleted.

Restart your controller, and now your equipment should show up.

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I am unsure if this will work when there are multiple sites on the same controller? I received the reply WriteResult {( “nRemoved” : 0 })

Yes it should because that’s how our server is setup , with a lot of sites on it 🙂

thank you! after 10 days with no help from unifi assistance and headache, your short page resolved my problem !…. many many thanks!

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