Download Crestron Toolbox

Crestron Toolbox

Crestron Toolbox is a software you can use to manage Crestron equipments over USB, IP, COM. It might be a bit difficult to find as a download since it is usually restricted to partners.Luckily it can be found on the Inernet

It is for example available on this website :

But also on MEGA.

This software is only available for Windows.

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Hi there, in my work we have a small crestron system collecting dust. I would love trying to reconfigure it. Can you share the Mega key?

Do you have a decryption key for crestron toolbox from the MEGA link? It says i need one to access


Is any chance to get access to Mega link this for my self-studies. It seems guys who work don’t want to share with me. It would help if you can help.

[email protected]



The solutors link is dead and the Mega link requires decryption key. Is it possible to get the key?

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