Parrot Bebop Charger blinking red

Drone Parrot Bebop

If the charger of your Parrot Bebop drone keeps blinking red after you plugged your battery in, it is because it’s refusing to charge it due to a low voltage. Sort of a safety feature but it is pretty annoying.

To solve this issue, Martin suggests to plug your battery in the charger, wait for it to blink, remove it, put it again as long as you need it for the red LED not to blink anymore.

What this operation does is that it actually feeds a bit of energy to the battery everytime you plug it *before* the charger checks the voltage..

If you can’t get it to work or find it anoying there are some 3rd party batteries on Amazon and some even have more capacity than the original.

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I had the same problem with my new Bebop. After my 9 or so when i pluged it in the red light started to blank. So i left it on the charger for 3o mins and unpluged it from the charger and put it on my drone. Went outside flew around in my yard until it ran all the way down until it landed on its own. Got back inside and it was fine from that point. I’m guessing it dont like to be charged when it has joice left to fly. idk! It charge fine now. No blanking light anymore.

i charge my battery for around forty minutes and then flashing red light,if i unplug and re plug it stops and then starts to flash again aroud forty minutes,have connected to drone gives solid flash on drone for one minute and then shuts down can you help please,

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