Aug 15

How to install and use imapsync on Debian


imapsync is a convenient CLI tool that allows migration of emails from one inbox / server to another while using the IMAP protocol.

The author of this tool decided to sell the sources for 50 bucks.. someone bought the sources pushes it on Github .. because imapsync isn’t available in Debian’s repositories anymore. Continue reading →

Jul 15

Dual WAN / Load Balancing under PfSense 2.0

Load balancing & dual wan are magic and pretty helpful. If you found this post I guess you know what it is but lets summarize : you have several internet connections and need to balance the outgoing trafic of your users to these connections.

In PFsense 2.0 it is a bit different in the making than with previous versions. Continue reading →

Jul 15

How to restart a Blackberry Bold or Curve

Blackberry Bold

Turning off a Blackberry is plain easy but the shortcut allowing to restart it without removing the battery is more difficult to guess. There you go
Continue reading →

Jul 15

Windows 7 ISO Files – Direct Download

Images ISO de Windows 7

To install or reinstall Windows 7, you need the ISO Image and the best thing to do is to download them from their source (aka Microsoft) instead of strange torrents that could contain viruses.. Continue reading →

Jul 15

Slow SSH login on VMWare ESX and ESXi

logo VMWare

If you’re experiencing slow SSH logins on your VMWare ESX and ESXi hosts, I might just have the fix for you. Continue reading →